Decay in the Land of Plenty

We are living in the best of times for social activism. Norberto Keppe’s science of Analytical Trilogy contains priceless perspectives on any number of important themes for all concerned citizens. And knowing this puts us in a much better position to work for change. Without his science, we end up just criticizing, or worse, replacing corrupt systems and people with even worse situations because we didn’t understand more deeply what was going on – as happened with the French Revolution where the nobility was replaced by the even worse financial/economic power structure.

As Keppe writes, “Our task today is to disinvert the position of humanity, which is now at the service of the individual interests of a few thousand people, meaning that the rest of us cannot work for our own benefit. We’ve organized a senseless social system within which we’re all forced to live. From the time we’re born, we are confined in an inhuman social framework that increases our psychological tension to the extreme.”

With the perspectives brought by Analytical Trilogy, it is now possible once and for all to put a stop to the powerful and begin living in harmony with what we are in essence.

Today, we’ll look at all of that by considering the decay that lurks in the land of plenty.

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Rekindling a Social Conscience

You might not know firsthand the social conscience displayed by the artists of the ‘60s, and the social and civil rights activists from the ‘50s. But it was a powerful thing. There was a real spirit of change moving back then, and the answer did seem to be blowing in the wind. The spirit wavered there bravely for a time, but then got lost in the drugs and greed and the “me” generation.

And always, the spectre of the pathology of power was there, attacking the protesters on campus sit ins and submitting a generation of idealistic youth to the horror of Vietnam and the mindless menace of violence and nuclear obliteration.

What happened to our activism, and can it be recuperated? Through the science of Analytical Trilogy elaborated by Norberto Keppe,  let’s try to rekindle a social conscience today on Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head.

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Waking the Sleeping Tiger

The term’s been trotted out by sound bite trained military commanders trying to come up with a fitting image for describing the enemy. Like the Japanese admiral who reflected after Pearl Harbor, “Perhaps we’ve just awakened a sleeping tiger.”

It’s always used to point to a condition of potential that waits, dozing in the wings, for its hour upon the stage. But in today’s desperate world, we need the sleeping tiger to get its butt into gear.

Today on Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head, Waking the Sleeping Tiger.

This program, I hope, will be a clarion call to all who have a spark still burning in the embers of their idealism. As there was for me when I read Norberto Keppe‘s seminal book for idealists the world over, Liberation of the People: the Pathology of Power. This book was a beacon for me because of its scientific analysis of our inverted social structure which has led us so far from anything remotely resembling a just situation. This book is a searing critique that manages to give us hope even while it’s pointing out the sickness and destruction that has come at our hands. Because Keppe’s book speaks to a deeper level in us than just revolutionary fervor like that “off with their heads” blood lust that perverted ideals behind the French Revolution. Keppe speaks to universal values like tolerance and dignity while shining an unwavering critical eye on the causes of our current desperate impasse, while continuing to suggest reasonable and rational solutions to our dilemma which we could put into practice immediately to great effect.

He also has some extremely important things to say about the pathology of power, and how power is controlled by the sickest individuals on the planet – something that’s never been understood well because of our admiration for the rich and famous that stems from our Inversion and envy, which he outlines in this book, and because the powerful manipulate everything in secret so that everything goes to their favor and not the favor of the vast majority of human beings. We quite simply don’t get the full story in our media and halls of education and so remain ignorant of this nefarious situation. This, of course, is what I’m trying to address through this program. And what Norberto Keppe has been trying to address for decades through his books and TV and radio programs.

Our program today will be a wake up call – we hope – for any of you with dreams for a just society still burning, however dimly, beneath your breast. Keppe’s science of Analytical Trilogy offers real hope for a way back from the abyss.

And I’d like to make Keppe’s monumental book, Liberation of the People, available to you free of charge. I’ll only ask you to help with mailing costs. We’ll foot the rest. I think if enough people can get up to speed with Keppe’s ideas in this book, really start to resonate with them, we’re not too late to effect real change on this planet. Email me if you’d like a free copy of Liberation of the People.

And one other thing … our psychosocial forum May 13 – 15, 2010 here in São Paulo will be another good thing for you to know about. Check out the site.

Today, psychosocial therapist, Gilbert Gambucci, joins me to try to wake up the sleeping tiger.

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Social Activism and Solutions

What do do when we’re faced with so many obvious problems in society? Some resort to drugs and alcohol to block it out. Others become depressed and even suicidal. Some turn on the TV or spend more time at the gym. Many of us just throw up our hands in despair.

But a few are looking for – and finding – solutions.

Today on Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head, Social Activism and Solutions.

This is, in a way, a follow-up to last week’s program with Dr. Claudia Pacheco. She was talking there about society being on a dead-end street and how we have now reached some final conclusions about why that is – and how we can begin to treat this source problem. Dr. Norberto Keppe‘s work gives us the knowledge and tools to do just that. His science of psycho-socio-pathology helps us see why we are polluting and destroying and making so much war. Most activists focus on stopping those things – and that’s, of course, necessary. But if we don’t address the why we do that – which is in the human psyche – we’ll be like the alcoholic who stops the alcohol, but replaces it with cocaine or sex or fanaticism.

Here in Brazil at Keppe’s International Society of Analytical Trilogy, we’re training people with the consciousness and psycho-socio tools to make a difference in their communities. To become psycho-socio-therapists. Imagine a journalist with the sufficient understanding of psycho-socio-pathology to be able to analyze world or local events through this combined scientific, philosophical, theological perspective that is tied to a universal reality of right, and justice, and goodness, and beauty and things like that. He or she would report on events in a completely different way than we see currently. Today, media, out of its fanatic adherence to a relativistic so-called “journalistic integrity”just throws all points of view together in one show or column and leaves you to pick up the pieces.

With an understanding of Keppe’s work, the psycho-socio-journalist would understand a basic starting point – there is a universal reality of beauty, truth and goodness, and any deviation from that could be seen and analyzed by him or her much more clearly.

And that’s just one area of action for psycho-socio-therapists! We’ll be getting together July 4 – 6, 2008 here in Brazil to look at this science of psycho-socio-pathology, and this will be an excellent opportunity for you to start your training. Write me for more information:

Today, I’ll talk with Per-Erik Persson, a human ecologist from Sweden who works with the Jak Members Bank – a no-interest loan bank in Sweden. Per-Erik has written a book about social activism amongst ceramics workers in Argentina.

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Therapy to Heal Society

Look all around you and you’ll see the rapidly mounting evidence of a society in deep trouble. Lurking environmental disaster, a pending recession, skyrocketing depression and suicide rates. Human society as its currently organized is at a dead-end. Time to admit it … if we continue like this, we’re done for. Now … what do we do about it?

Today on Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head, Therapy to Heal Society.

For any of you, and I know there are many, who look around you and wonder, “What has gone so terribly wrong?”, this program will come as a great relief. There are some practical tools that can be used to treat the inverted and even perverse social and psychological conditions in the world today. Thanks to the work of psychoanalyst and social scientist, Norberto Keppe, we can now say definitively that the source of our problems is clear. Human beings, out of their enormous envy, have inverted their values and elaborated an inverted society as a result. And then, on top of that, we censor perception of our envy and inversion and pretend that we are the masters of our own destiny and that we can solve all problems ourselves given enough time and money. But it will never work.

In his extraordinary book about disinverting economics, Work and Capital, Keppe says, “The human being becomes ill as a result of his anger toward light, toward consciousness. He prefers to live in darkness, far removed from any perception. This is what causes his illnesses and all of the problems that beset humanity. At the same time that his intention is to know, he opposes knowledge entirely – and in the struggle leaves strewn along the way the ruins of a life spent battling against the truth.”

Se we are missing something fundamental. Human beings, in an incomplete, materialistic way, keep looking for superficial solutions – introduce this legislation, save that species, speak out about globalization and the corruption world trading agreements cause to the democratic process. And while all these may be necessary, they must be done in tandem with addressing our deep metaphysical crisis – we are turned against God … and even our own existence.

We are addressing this consistently in these radio programs, and have plans to expand this. We want to create a new community of Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head listeners to consider these problems in society and what we might do about them. The BrainFood Community is what we’re calling it (and thanks to listener Ludmilla Ducaneaux from Holland for the inspiration), so make sure you are on the advisory list for that so I can let you know more about it.

You know, we are receiving a lot of interest from around the world for people to come here to our International Society of Analytical Trilogy to study and learn how Keppe’s scientific discoveries can be applied to helping in all areas of society. That’s our topic today.

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