Violence Kills Us – Not the Other Guy

It is nurtured in the fevers of fanaticism. Fomented in books and newsletters and websites. We can defend it, or march out against it. We can propose elegant legal arguments to justify it. But when the jingoism dies down, any rational human being must as the same question Bobby Kennedy did: “What has violence ever accomplished?”

Today on Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head, Violence Kills Us – Not the Other Guy.

This program is based on some extraordinary philosophical proposals put forward by psychoanalyst and social scientist, Norberto Keppe. Not completely new ideas because many of the ideas have been considered by humanity’s greatest minds for millennia. But what is new is the nature of synthesis in Keppe’s work. He has managed to unite many ideas behind one vast world view that is comprehensive in its understanding. So while many have considered the essence of man, like Aquinas, or analyzed the sickness of the socio-economic structures, like Marx, or investigated the light and dark in the human psyche like Freud, no one has managed to unite everything into one science that allows us to see what we truly are in our God-given essence.

Keppe’s science of psycho-socio-pathology is fascinating, profound and enormously vast in its scope. We’ll be exploring it in depth in our International Congress on Analytical Trilogy – that being the name of Keppe’s science – from July 4 – 6, 2008 here in Brazil. Anyone who’s interested in that will be invited to stay on at our conference spa for a few days to consider the themes of psycho-socio-pathology – perhaps with Dr. Keppe himself in attendance. Write me for more information about that –

I also want to update you on our BrainFood Community which we’re setting up to give you more education on this science. This idea is morphing somewhat after conversations with Dr. Claudia Pacheco. We’d like to create a training program to teach the skills of psycho-socio-therapy. This will include teleclasses with Dr. Pacheco and others of us from the International Society of Analytical Trilogy, a newsletter, Q & A sessions, and more. It’ll be very specific training to help you develop the understanding and tools of psycho-socio-pathology that you’ll be able to apply in your sphere of influence. Again, to get on our mailing list for updates about that.

A few weeks ago, Gilbert Gambucci explored the roots of racism very effectively on Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head. When he came to me with some ideas for tackling violence, I jumped at the chance to look at this pathology through Keppe’s eyes.

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