Healing Terrorism

I’m Richard Lloyd Jones and this is Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head. I moved to Brazil from New York in 2001, 2 1/2 months before 9/11.

Talk about timing.

But if it was timing, it was not anything conscious. My desire was to learn more about the work of an extraordinary scientist I’d become aware of a short time before moving here.

That scientist was Dr. Norberto Keppe. What Keppe proposes in his far-reaching science is, quite simply, a solution to the fundamental human problem, which is that we act in contradiction to our essence and, therefore, we act against life. This goes to the root of the issue. This Inversion is the cause of all our conflicts and crises today, so it’s not a matter simply of protecting this or that species or saving this or that ecosystem or cutting our greenhouse gasses or resolving geo-political scheming. We’re going to have to change virtually everything if we are to attain the well-being that we have a right to enjoy. The transformation must be basic. It must be total.

Today, we’ll try to transform and transcend the mounting terrorism crisis on our planet.

Healing Terrorism, today on Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head.

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Making Great Theatre: The Royals, Bin Laden and Pseudo Reality

Billions watching on TV. Carriages, choirs, cheering spectators. Followed by late night assassinations, mysterious burials at sea, celebrations like Super Bowl Victory parties.

We’ll bring some sense to the madness this week on Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head. Bin Laden, the Royal Wedding, can there be any sanity to be found here? For sure, and along the way a healthy dose of reality.

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Truly Combatting Terrorism

The faces of its perpetrators are hidden behind hoods and stockings. Its acts are captured on hand-held home video cameras in dank prisons or God knows where. Its strikes are sudden and unexpected. But we think of it only in terms of our enemies. We, we declare self-righteously, never engage in terrorism.

Today on Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head, Truly Combatting Terrorism. A special presentation today: a complete re-playing of an interview I did with Dr. Norberto Keppe 5 days after 9-11. The views of a leading psychoanalysis on one very crucial topic we need to probe much deeper in our society – the roots and solutions to terrorism.

More in a moment.

First an update on our upcoming congresses and conferences on Analytical Trilogy, Dr. Keppe’s science of socio-psychopathology. If you’ve been listening for awhile, you’ll know we have 2 similar events planned for 2008: one here in Brazil, and one in San Diego. If you’re interested in learning more about Analytical Trilogy, how do you make a choice? Let me help you.

Our International Congress of Analytical Trilogy here in Brazil from July 4 – 6, 2008will be for those of you who are resonating with the work we are doing in Brazil in terms of economy, business, residences, publishing, our Integral Psychoanalysis clinic, and the pulse of Norberto Keppe’s work. Check out our site at www.trilogycongress.org.

In San Diego, our World Congress of Analytical Trilogy will be looking at the specific applications of Keppe’s work in a wide range of areas – from family counseling to the arts to drug rehab to media and journalism. Lectures, workshops, symposia, all looking at the influence Analytical Trilogy could have in a wide area of human activitiy. www.wcatus.org

You know, I moved to Brazil from New York City in July 2001, 2 1/2 months before 9-11. So when that infamous incident occurred, I was keenly aware of it, and shocked, like most of us. I asked Dr. Keppe to sit down with me and record an interview about his views on terrorism, and how we could begin to process this and even understand and respond to it. Keppe hit some deep chords in this interview, about maturity and consciousness and drew a much bigger circle around this issue than any commentator I’ve heard then or since on the subject.

I’m going to run that interview now, in its original Portuguese dubbed into English by my friend, Gilbert Gambucci. The quality is acceptable, but not fantastic. I’ve cleaned it up as much as possible, including re-recording my questions. But the content is startlingly original – and deeply therapeutic. Let me know what you think. rich@richjonesvoice.com

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