The Inversion Driving Substance Abuse

We’ve been seduced by them, and horrified by them. Encouraged to tune out with them, and spurn them violently as instruments of the devil. We’ve seen them reduce users to living in hovels, and elevate dealers to palacial mansions. Legal or illegal, they’re being used and abused in record numbers in our so-called evolving society.

Today on Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head, the Inversion Driving Substance Abuse.

Well, this is some topic to consider, let me tell you. Drug abuse is a monumental topic because there are so many aspects to consider. There’s the personal aspect first. Probably all of us have some direct experience with it – from our favorite uncle with a drinking problem, to horror stories of close friends destroying lives and familes with out-of-control substance abuse problems.

There’s the social aspect of modern life being so bereft of meaning and purpose and spiritual values.

There’s the psychopathic aspect which is always present when astronomical profits are involved.

But there is some considerable comfort to be found in the work of Brazilian-Austrian psychoanalyst and social scientist, Norberto Keppe, whose work we will be discussing in great detail at our International Conference of Analytical Trilogy (Keppe’s science), Sept. 24 – 27, 2008 in San Diego. Write me for more information on that at, or visit our website,

Shakespeare said, “How far that little candle throws his beams. So shines a good deed in a weary world.” That is a perfect description of Keppe’s work. Reaching to the core of our difficulties and offering a strong hand up and out, and into our true position as beautiful, good and true beings in a loving universe.

But we have some problems to see along the way.

Sofie Bergqvist is a teacher here at our International Society of Analytical Trilogy, and she’s been developing deep work in the roots of substance abuse for our September conference. She looks at this important topic today on our program.

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Altered States of Consciousness – The Truth Behind Illegal Drugs

They’ve been used for centuries as doorways to mystical experiences and new levels of consciousness. They’ve been injested to help escape the seemingly insupportable problems of everyday life. They’ve been tacitly encouraged by governments to assuage the misery of underpaid factory workers. Can there be any new dimensions to consider regarding drugs?

Today on Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head, Altered States of Consciousness: the Truth Behind Illegal Drugs.

First, thanks for all your emails and requests for Norberto Keppe’s book on the pathology of power, something we’ll be considering again a bit in today’s program, since the world of drugs walks hand in hand with those who stroll the corridors of power. So I’ll continue giving away Keppe’s book this week because it directly analyzes through a keen psychological lens the sickness that exists in the human psyche … and which is exacerbated in those who lust for power. Great reading. Just email me for your free copy of this landmark book,

Back in the mid 1980s, Claudia Pacheco was researching deeply into the connection between drug trafficking and power. She wasn’t the only one writing about this, of course, but she was the first and only one to apply Keppe’s psychological analysis to the area, and this lent her research an intellectual heft missing from other writers on the subject.

And because of this, her research had a bomb-like effect on the powerful. Actually, all of Keppe’s work did. He and Claudia were finally arrested at the peak of their activities in the U.S. for trumped up customs charges (a fact Claudia mentions in this Podcast) right after the extraordinary campaign they’d been mounting for some years to try to make American conscious of the decadence their country was entering because of the very maliciously intentioned policy of Reagonomics. Reagan’s policy was, incidentally, a disaster for the U.S. and the rest of the world who followed blindly along. And Keppe and Pacheco’s research into the pathology of power led them directly to confront worldwide governmental involvement in many illegal activities – something Pacheco was writing about at the time. Interestingly, shortly after this period, Iran Contra broke out.

This is pretty incendiary stuff. And today, Claudia Pacheco joins us to look at this situation more closely and bring us up to date.

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