Modern Science in Crisis

Any critique of modern science hits up against a formidable wall of skepticism and blind loyalty to the dogma that characterizes the scientific world view today.

That won’t stop us from attempting the task, however.

Because something changed in science. Although scientists today are generally against any idea of a transcendental reality, it wasn’t always like that. For centuries, the greatest geniuses considered the ultimate creative force of God fundamental to understanding of anything.

And then, it all changed. Let’s explore that change, and show how modern scientific dogma has led us to a blind alley that we won’t be able to escape from without reuniting science with theology and philosophy – which is exactly what Norberto Keppe’s Analytical Trilogy does.

Within this critique will also be some fundamental knowledge about the human psyche and its contribution to our problems, and the hopeful possibilities emerging from the Keppe Motor.

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Energetic Pollution: Destroying Nature and Our DNA

We have a tremendous power inside our minds, but our inverted sense of values causes us to act against goodness all the time. Imagine the collective force of 7 billion people expressing their frustration, anger, arrogance and envy!
That’s big energetic pollution, and it is the root cause of the destruction of our planet today. Our external pollution and poisoning is a direct reflection of that.
This is the fundamental focus of Norberto Keppe’s science of Analytical Trilogy, beautifully explained today by Dr. Claudia Bernhardt Pacheco. Join the discussion. Comments welcome at

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The Marriage of Theology and Science

Oil and water. Cats and sweaters. Neckties and table fans. Some things just aren’t made to go together. Like being given plastic cutlery at a Brazilian barbecue restaurant, they’re incongruous and difficult to reconcile. Some more profound examples could include faith and doubt, humility and self-confidence. And what about God and science?

Today on Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head, the Marriage of Theology and Science.

This is a prickly subject. I’m aware of that. But I feel I would be doing a dis-service to you who listen faithfully to this program if I didn’t address the subject. Because there are fundamental questions to raise that can only be addressed if we wade into these uncertain waters.

What is the origin of life and the universe? What is the purpose of life? These are the questions that perhaps should occupy our dinner conversations with dear friends much more than they do. Especially in recent years. And in large part, I think this is because science has split from theology and philosophy over the past 500 years or so – culminating in our 20th Century position that there’s no way to marry science and theology. Science has become a strictly materialistic pursuit perfectly represented in Einstein’s famous formula – the most famous of the 20th Century – that E=mc2. No material, no energy is the inevitable conclusion of this equation, making Einstein’s proposal one of the most materialistic theories in the history of science.

And it’s also difficult to distill spirituality from the Quantum Physics camp. Parallel realities. Alternate universes. Unlimited realities awaiting your choice to come into being. How to make sense of that in any practical way? I watched What the Bleep do we Know a couple of times and, I must confess, couldn’t make head or tails of it.

The Architect’s speech from Matrix Reloaded is a classic example of how confused we’ve become by this separation of science and theology. Critics call it “profound” but “confusing”. And it is that. Listen:

“The first matrix was perfect … flawless, sublime. A triumph equaled only by its monumental failure.”

What does that mean? No, we need a better starting point than this. A starting place that can be found in the work of Norberto Keppe. His Analytical Trilogy is a re-synthesis of science with philosophy and theology that has been missing. Keppe considers philosophy to be the mother of science and theology the grandmother, and it’s very illuminating to look at reality through Analytical Trilogy eyes.

Let’s do that today … try to bring the incredible wisdom from 5000 years of theological and philosophical study back into science. Or at least, start the process of understanding that. Keppe’s books will fill out the knowledge. If you’re interested in more, write me at

One of the discoveries here at the International Society of Analytical Trilogy is the application of Keppe’s disinverson of metaphysics to result in the Keppe Motor, and we’ll start our conversation there with Dr. Claudia Bernhardt Pacheco.

How do you see the Keppe Motor’s importance, Claudia, in this consideration of bringing theology back into science?

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HAARP and Mind Control

It was conducted in the shadows, far from any scrutiny. It began in the ’50s and was apparently stopped in the ’70s. But CIA veterans say the research continues. You may find it hard to believe, and the whole field is dismissed as being the province of paranoid conspiracy theories, but mind control is going on.

Today on Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head, HAARP and Mind Control, part 2 in our series with Nick Begich on the HAARP technology.

You’ll hear Dr. Begich make reference to MK-Ultra in this program. This was a super-secret and illegal CIA human research program run by the Office of Scientific Intelligence. This program used many drugs to manipulate individual mental states and alter brain function. It’s a little difficult to get total information about it since then-CIA director, Richard Helms, ordered all the MK-Ultra files destroyed back in 1973. What were they trying to hide, do you think? That offence should be a prison sentence, shouldn’t it? According to sworn testimony in front of the U.S. Congress’ Church Committee in 1975, these mind control experiments were conducted without any knowledge or consent of the subjects. There’s no other way to put it … this was a crime against humanity of the 1st degree.

Of course, the U.S. hasn’t been the only country traipsing through this mucky terrain, but it is perhaps the biggest democracy involved, and that should give us some pause. You’ll hear a little bit more about this in our program today, but I would recommend that you research it a little more. It’s pretty horrific stuff, but essential to know about. MK-Ultra is the illegal CIA program you’re looking for.

And in the middle of this sickness, where the sickest people control our political and economic structures, comes Norberto Keppe‘s Analytical Trilogy, with its beautifully conceived science that gives us a way to understand these crazy things we see around us. His clear view of human psychopathology is extremely well articulated in all of his many books, and his explorations of how we the people have given power to these unbalanced powerful people in charge is food for thought. We have to wake up, and fast, and start giving more value to those inner aspects of our essential structure – goodness, truth, beauty, dignity, ethics. Right now, we’re all pretty lost in this inverted worldview that puts money above work and aggression above conciliation and dialogue. And technology at the service of whatever perverted idea the men and women in the shadows want to dream up. Which is the subject of our program today.

Email me if I can help you with any more information at all about any of our topics on Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head.

Today, Part II of our program on HAARP, this time, the nefarious uses for mind control, with my colleague, Susan Berkley.

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Fathers of the Lie Part I

The truth will set you free, it is written.

OK, good. But knowing what the truth is, recognizing it when it pulls up alongside, ah, that’s a little more difficult. Especially as our materialistic worldview would tell us that truth depends. And this idea of relative truth is a lie that comes to us from somebody else’s head.

Today on Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head, the Fathers of the Lie.

If you’ve been tuned in to our program for awhile now, you’ll know that we’re based on the science of Analytical Trilogy, which is trilogical because of its union of philosophy, science and spirituality. And this spiritual part is an important aspect of science that was for all intents and purposes cut out of scientific consideration with the rise of positivistic science in the middle of the 19th century.

Auguste Comte, the father of Positivism, talked about the quest for truth going through 3 phases, with the theological being the first or, we could say, most primitive. The philosophical phase would be next, and the positivist the last, meaning the most mature. And this last phase states that we know the most when we base ourselves on actual sense experience.

Right away, we can find some flaws with this view in that we know many things without having experience. Recent studies at Yale and Berkley suggest that little babies have working knowledge of basic arithmetic and physics principles as well as a well developed moral sense. And all of this with with no previous sensory experience.

So, linking all our societal development to positivistic science bases us not on something superior, but inferior. And we desperately need the amalgamation again of science with philosophy and theology or spirituality, which is precisely what Keppe’s work of Analytical Trilogy does.

More about this expansive work can be found at our Trilogy portal, or write me by email for more information or observations or questions. Always great to hear from you.

Our program today will be the first of two parts exploring how the inferior sensory-based science got so entrenched in our academic institutions – and our society in general. It’s the result of a great lie perpetrated and followed by many great thinkers who were fooled into following the lie. And that lie has been inspired by the supreme liar in the Universe – Lucifer. And that’s why reintroducing the 5000-year wisdom from Judeo-Christian theology is so important. Keppe knows this, and that’s why I consider his science to be the most important science to be studied in the world today.

Cesar Soós, one of our great Keppean metaphysics scholars at the International Society of Analytical Trilogy, is my guest today for the first part of Fathers of the Lie.

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Re-Thinking Vaccines

Vaccines have been sold as essential for our survival. And we’re vaccinating a significantly larger number of kids because of it. Many hospital boards and health care systems even link incentive pay for executives and directors to their pediatric immunization rates.

But there’s more than a conflict of interest going on here. Vaccinations, it appears, are downright dangerous.

Today on Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head, Re-thinking Vaccines.

Well, get ready to have your eyes opened. Dr. Roberto Giraldo has brought something very interesting to Brazil since moving here from New York City. Giraldo is a Colombian medical doctor with a speciality in infectious diseases and immunology. He’s worked a lot with AIDS patients all over the world and has much to say about the inverted medical system he’s worked in for over 40 years. And he’s been talking lately with Dr. Norberto Keppe. Keppe is the scientist behind Analytical Trilogy, which is the science I base these programs on. And they’ve been talking incessantly about the bad science Louis Pasteur brought to the world, and the forgotten genius of Pasteur’s contemporary, Antoine Béchamp. We’ll explore that a little more in our program today.

If you start investigating the vaccine business, you’re in for quite an eye opener. First of all, be very clear about this: vaccinations are a business. Forget all the drug industry hype about protecting our children, this is a profit-based endeavor through and through. A couple of years ago, independent market analyst, Datamonitor, commissioned a report from a vaccine analyst – and who know there even was such a thing. Hedweg Kresse was her name, and in this report she discussed the future outlook for vaccine profits. Turns out she’s predicting that the introduction of high priced vaccines will induce some rapid growth in the pediatric and adolescent vaccines market. She’s predicting that that market’s goint to quadruple by 2016 across the U.S., France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the U.K. and Japan.

They’re projecting it. That means they’re going to make it happen.

The crucial factor, what’ll make these stupendous profits possible, is the “introduction of a product into national vaccination schedules.” This means they’re preparing product, and marketing it through highly paid lobbyists to government officials in these countries.

And then slipped in ominously right after this comment is consultant Kresses’ admission that this product introduction into national vaccination schedules virtually guarantees market expansion and high coverage rates in the target population.

“Coverage rates.” My God, the language. That means the numbers of people who are vaccinated. You can just imagine the directors of the vaccine companies hashing it out with flow charts and projection sheets. Talking about windows of opportunity and profit margins and return on investment. Kind of chills the blood, doesn’t it?

But you know what else guarantees that these new high priced vaccines are adopted by various national vaccination schedules? Reimbursements. That’s corporate speak for payments to directors of hospital boards and health care systems based on the immunization rates they achieve in their institutions. So they’re paid bonuses if they increase immunizations.

That doesn’t leave a very warm feeling in my heart either.

With all this need for marketing, it makes you wonder about the efficacy of the marketed product, doesn’t it? Kind of like junk food lobbyists pushing for their product’s inclusion in school lunch programs. It’s “good business” but I’m pretty sure the kids aren’t going to benefit all that much. And so it is with vaccines – a dubious medical procedure with little good science behind it.

Now I know this is a shock. Anything that cuts directly against the prevailing point of view always raises the hackles of some. But vaccinations, like Pasteur’s Germ Theory itself, is something that’s been marketed – peddled actually – by some who stand to make a ton of money by promoting and supporting it. And that alone should make us take a second look.

Which we’ll try to help you do today with Dr. Roberto Giraldo.

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Debunking the Germ Theory of Disease

He revolutionized the field of medicine, and has numerous institutions named after him for his efforts. He was one of the most celebrated scientists of his time, and a giant in medical circles even today. He supposedly proved the Germ Theory of disease, the basis of most medical education.

But Louis Pasteur’s science was highly questionable.

Today on Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head, Debunking the Germ Theory of Disease.

Well, we are entering sacred territory today on our program. Pasteur’s ideas have been sacrosanct for at least a century, and all significant medical research is based on his proposals. The multi-billion dollar industry that is cancer, AIDS and numerous other disease research initiatives if firmly entrenched in our western world, as is the powerful pharmaceutical industry, and even the areas of immunology and vaccination. Not much of modern medicine is untouched by Pasteur’s influence.

But in looking at his life, you enter a world of subterfuge, deception and just plain wrong conclusions that were cynically adopted by Carnegie and Rockefeller in the U.S. and used to influence medical research and education in most of the developed world. And for one distinct purpose – to sell pharmaceuticals that there were developing form the waste products from their coal and oil industries. That’s right … there were serious ulterior motives at play in the promotion of Pasteur’s questionable scientific conclusions.

Not the first time this has happened of course. Henry Ford was instrumental in leading the move in America for the creation of the suburbs. “We shall solve the city problem by leaving the city,” he stated, thereby combining his social vision with his economic self-interest. You can sell a lot more cars if people are commuting back and forth for miles every day.

This blatant manipulation for economic reasons is not new to us, is it? Were any of us surprised to find former vice-president Dick Cheney’s company, Halliburton, picked to lead the re-building of Iraq shortly after its former CEO pushed so hard for the war that would necessitate the re-building?

But what may surprise you is that there was an entirely different scientific view than Pasteur’s being elaborated at the same time – in total opposition to Pasteur’s ideas – and this science is the more certain one, as proven by research in many locations, including our International Society of Analytical Trilogy here in Brazil. And, of course, 2500 years of Chinese medicine.

That more complete science came from the formidable research of French biologist and medical doctor, Antoine Bechamp, and who has ever heard of him? Incredible, isn’t it? His work is far more in line with Dr. Keppe’s studies in psychosomatic medicine, and this truly deserves our attention today.

As always, you can check out all of our work on our Trilogy portal site, or email me anytime and I’ll guide you in the right direction so you can learn more about Norberto Keppe‘s great science.

Today, medical doctor and infectious disease specialist, Dr. Roberto Giraldo joins me to talk about Bechamp’s lost but important science.

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