Jason’s Excellent Adventure

Trilogical science has been around for half a century. In that time, it’s identified essential aspects of the human psyche. It’s allowed us to analyze our myriad personal and social issues. And it’s elaborated new work and living structures that solve many long-standing inequalities.

And one more thing – Trilogy is calling some new people here.

Today on Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head, Jason’s Excellent Adventure: A New Canadian’s View of Trilogy and His Country.

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You know, Norberto Keppe‘s work deserves to be studied seriously because it is a serious scientific school of thought that considers the impact of the human psyche in areas as diverse as relationships and economics, the impact of our minds on our health, the disinversion of science and banking, and even how to develop your career and business. Our World Conference of Analytical Trilogy in San Diego, Sept. 24 – 27 2008 will be an excellent overview of this incredible science. You can check out details at www.wcatus.org

One guy who’s responded to Keppe’s work through this podcast is a young Canadian named Jason Coombs. He’s been listening for the past year and a half and corresponding with me and finally took the big plunge to move down here to study more. I thought it would be interesting for you to talk to him about his story and his first impressions of Trilogy and its specific applications to our country – Canada.

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