The Scandal of Drugs

We’ve seen a lot of good ones go way too early because of drugs, haven’t we? Seemed like a new one a week back in the ’60s and ’70s. Janis and Jimmy. Then Elvis. Now Whitney and Amy.

In Brazil, too, some great ones exited early thanks to substance abuse. Elis Regina, Tom Jobim, Tim Maya. Those are the high profile ones, and reams have been written and spoken about them and the problem. Can there possibly be anything new to say? Without preaching or proselytizing, of course. Both the moral finger wagging of the right and the societal condemnation of the left seem wholly inadequate to provide any healing at all.

And the situation’s not improving much. Easy access to drugs, more desperation and tough times, materialism and lack of spiritual connection – it’s a fatal recipe for increasing abuse.
Well, I am of the mind that a deeper analysis of our entire modern mindset is in order, and this is our proposal on this show. So, let’s tackle the Scandal of Drugs, today on Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head.

Click here to listen to this episode.


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