False and True Power

We are supposedly deep in the middle of a change in consciousness on our planet. The Aquarian Age, the new millennium, the Third Wave … whatever you call it, many advocate a new era on earth.

I also am optimistic, but I believe some knowledge is missing from our collective education, some missing pieces of consciousness that will impede our evolution if they’re not put in place.

One of the primary things lacking is a deeper understanding of the pathology of power. For, it must be obvious, we are living in a society where our freedoms are being increasingly restricted, and those restrictions are being imposed by, let’s just say it plain, the psychotics in power.

And so it’s to a deeper understanding of psychosis that we must dedicate ourselves, for these psychotic tendencies run rampant in all of us, and knowing this makes it possible to control them and accomplish this new civilization we so desire. Understanding the human relationship to power and ethics and even God is essential for our development.

False and True Power, today on Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head.

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4 thoughts on “False and True Power

  1. Power – the ability to fluidly mobilize resources to meet needs in a way that attends to the system at large. So — The villanizing label of ‘psychotic’ isn’t very effective to facilitate the kind of emergent learning and development I hear you want, here. Instead, when we recognize that we are all flawed human beings with innocent and universal core values — that we often express in tragic ways — then, and only then, can we come to understand (and teach each other) more healthy strategies to meet our needs. So when you say “psychotic”, it doesn’t reveal what is better or what is wanted. When you say, “power over, versus power with” you reveal our (emotionally young) human tendency to use domination when we are frustrated trying to meet our needs. Yes, humanity needs to learn “power-with” ways to deal with our needs. Yes, historically we have, in our developmentally young stage, met our needs through power-over – one set of needs gets fed at the expense of another. However — It’s more useful to communicate the generative, substantive meaning your body knows, rather than tragically express your knowing by attacking. What you resist, persists.

    1. Hi Gail, and thanks for your thoughtful and intelligent response to our program. While I appreciate your generosity in considering that we all are evolving towards a more humane use of power, including the most power-distorted of us (the power overs, as you describe them, but the premise of psychoanalyst Norberto Keppe’s book on the pathology of power, Liberation of the People, is that our society is showing symptoms of serious psychosis, just as certain individuals do who stray too far from the normal attitudes. It is insanity that drives our societal development today, and in my opinion, it is not enough to take a benign evolutionary view where we see everything evolving naturally to a more healthy social situation. We have a much more critical stance to take. What’s actually happening today is that the sicker individuals have taken control. It’s important in my view to recognize that and help to make others conscious of that fact. Hence the term “psychotic”, a term not taken lightly but meant literally.
      A stronger view than yours, admittedly, but I feel nothing less will wake us up in time to save our society.
      Thanks again for commenting and listening.

      1. Hi Rich, I’m very familiar with Keppe’s work both in electronics and in psychoanalytics. He speaks distinctly of distortion. The use of the term “psychotic” – while absolutely true from a black/white first tier (Spiral Dynamics) perspective – is a detrimental and non-generative distortion. Unlike the clear expression of solution that my last response included, your analytic labelling does not help facilitate solution. If you understand the physics that Keppe teaches, and the way psychology goes hand-in-hand with it – we live in a world of polar vibrational dynamics. Stand in polarity and you attract more polarity. Polarity moves in 3 stages – Affirming, Denying and Resolution. In this case, that looks like the “psychotics” you attack who affirm “Power” in its old form, and then people like you who are advanced enough to Denying it (as you are doing)….these are the first two natural paths toward – but not – resolution. The third step is resolution – the compassionate integration of the innocent energies tragically expressing on both sides so that they no longer need to express tragically. I don’t dispute the value (or your right) to deny and put-down the first-stage control methods as a vehicle to helping awaken people at the second-stage. What I dispute is the utility – it lacks generating solution, and perpetuates more conflict. You create more polarity when you call it psychosis, and drive more people “against” it, which only generates more antagonism, more labeling and more fighting (violence. See also, “Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication”). Your energies might be better served facilitating what you want (instead of focusing on what you don’t want) – What I see you want is the emergence of the new paradigm which will obsolete the old. I’m with you. AND — You create a new paradigm by teaching forward, offering solution, not by looking in the rear-view mirror and complaining about / pushing against the establishment. AND – having said that, I honor the ways your voice tries to stand as a step in the change process. You don’t have to agree with what I’m saying, but it would be nice if you would at least reflect the value of it to show that you’re not simply rejecting it out of hand, but actually understanding it, as I have reflected my understanding of the value of your position. Best of luck to you Rich.

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