How Money Stops Growth

Line up all the economists in the world, it is said, and they’ll all point in different directions. And while it’s true that economists do view society through the particular lens of their political or sociological ideology, there are some general economics principles that seem widely held in the field.

One is that you can point to economic performance as an indicator of a household’s or a company’s or even a nation’s success. And therefore the need to look after the drivers of this all-important economy – banks and corporations and GDP and all that stuff.

Economic performance is even one of the most important indices when considering happiness and quality of life on those top 10 countries to live in lists that pop up once or twice a year.

But yet, there is something obviously missing in a person who gives attention only to the financial side of things in life, something out of kilter and off balance – even psychotic – in running the world based on what the bean counters have to say.

We’ll explore what’s wrong with this view today. How Money Stops Growth, today on Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head.

Click here to listen to this episode.


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