The Metaphysical Basis of Keppe’s New Physics

In the 1500s, the scientific revolution was in full bloom. Scientists were fighting for independence from the theological dogmas that were unchallengeable. The Bible was literally interpreted back then, so when it said the sun rises and sets, that was the final word.

One of the lead revolutionaries – the scientific Che Guevara, if you will – was Galileo, who proposed that actually it was the Earth that was moving, not the sun. This caused quite the furor back in the 1630s.

Today, there is another scientific revolution emerging. There are no Inquisition trials, but Norberto Keppe‘s scientific perspective is receiving the modern day equivalent – silence from the scientific mainstream. His views, though, are still shaking the foundations of science just as Galileo and Bacon did 600 years ago.

Keppe doesn’t make the mistake the 16th century scientific radicals did, however, of throwing out philosophy and theology from his scientific proposals. It makes for a comprehensive science that’s poised to lead us to a new society.

The Metaphysical Basis of Keppe’s New Physics, today on Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head.

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