Work, Art and Occupy Wall Street

Einstein made serious mistakes in equating energy with matter and thereby giving us the scientific justification for tearing up the planet in the search for more material to extract energy from.

His theory also single-handedly put the damper on space travel when he linked everything to the speed of light. After all, if we have to propel a spacecraft at that speed, well how will that be possible? And even then, if it’ll take a few million light years to get anywhere interesting, you can see how that could dampen enthusiasm for space exploration.

Now, Einstein wasn’t a bad guy. He was just inverted. However, he did say some good stuff, too, like how we should never lose our holy curiosity when contemplating the marvellous structure of reality. Somehow that touches poetry, doesn’t it, and makes a case for how science shoulders up to art when it’s at its best.

Norberto Keppe maintains that art is actually the basis of civilization, essential as the main pillar of any advanced culture. And art brings with it an implication of beauty and goodness – something we too often neglect in our modern technological paradigm.

Let’s bring it all together a little. Work, Art and Occupy Wall Street, today on Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head.

Click here to listen to this episode.


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