The Evil Man Does: Going Behind the Curtains of Power

It is extremely important to perceive that the established powers have been organized to control the will of the people, paralyzing their capacity to act. In fact, there is ample evidence that the socio-economic power in charge today holds back the development of humankind.

But most critics (and there are many, including many excellent ones) can’t connect the dots to give us a complete analysis of it because they’re lacking the understanding of the science of psycho-socio pathology. Which is exactly what we bring every week on Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head.

In spite of being attacked relentlessly by the powerful because the powerful know that if his work gets into the world, they lose their hold on power, Norberto Keppe has been resolute in his condemnation of the pathology of power.

We’ll go deeply behind the curtains of power to expose all that on today’s show.

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Depression and Society

Here’s a wild thought: it’s our socio-economic structure that is causing most of our distress and misery today.

We’ll even go a little further: it leading us into mental and physical illness. After all, human beings cannot live in balance if society is out of balance. The dynamics between the individual’s internal problems and the resultant social difficulties has rarely been studied … and never with the clarity and vision we’ll introduce today.

Stress as a consequence of social sickness, led by the most unbalanced individuals in our society today – our leaders – and what we need to do to improve it. Provocative stuff today on Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head.

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