Popping the Positive Thinking Bubble

As a few at the top have been raking in the dough in America, the rest of us have been struggling. Offically “low-wage” familes are increasing in number significantly. While the 1% at the top end is springing for $175.00 gold dusted hamburgers at the Wall Street Burger Shop, the rest of us just feel squeezed.

Today on Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head, Popping the Positive Thinking Bubble.

Yes, we’re coming at this positive thinking thing again because I feel strongly that there is something in our culture of positive thinking that has led us astray. And I think that’s been borne out when we just look around us at the society we’ve created. We have children who’ve been uber-stroked with compliments heading into the workforce and completely incapable of coping with criticism, up-in-the-cloud investment experts who demanded only positive financial analysis and perspectives and thereby stayed blind to the dangerously inflated investment instruments that were poised to collapse all around our ears, we have U.S. Fed and Treasury experts being blindsided by the greed and selfishness on Wall Street that they didn’t want to see.

Well, Norberto Keppe‘s science of Analytical Trilogy allows us to understand how all this could happen by putting us in touch with the roots of our human psychopathology that leads to all this, and that our dogma of positive thinking blocks us from seeing. So I’d like to explore this a little more today with my colleague, Susan Berkley.

But before we do that, a reminder about our World Psycho-Social Forum coming up in Brazil May 13-15, 2010. Love to have you join us for that. It would be good to let you know more about this intriguing forum, so you can write me for any more information you’d like … rich@richjonesvoice.com and I’ll make sure you’re completely up to speed.

And one more thing – I’ve been doing a lot of work with my good friend and Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head supporter, Will LaJeunesse, on our Healing Through Consciousness site. This is the call-in psychological program and podcast I do with psychoanalyst, Dr. Claudia Bernhardt Pacheco. We’ve got a lot of interesting resource material on that site about Analytical Trilogy, so feel free to check it out. www.healingthroughconsciousness.com. Let me know what you think.

Now, let’s pop the positive thinking bubble.

Click here to listen to this episode.


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