The True Origin of Illness

Most place its origins on chemical imbalances, or poor nutrition, or heredity … or even on bad karma from past lives. But with the new discoveries in psycho-socio-pathology, it’s now possible to lay the blame squarely on our shoulders.

Let’s face it … if we’re sick or troubled, somewhere in our psychology, that’s what we want.

Today on Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head, the True Origin of Illness.

I know, there are many people writing these days about sickness and health from a more wholistic perspective, but somehow no one has defined the origins of illness quite as completely as Norberto R. Keppe.

That’s a big claim to make, of course, and probably needs some backup. Keppe created the Department of Psychosomatic Medicine at the clinical hospital of the University of São Paulo – the largest hospital in latin America – back in the ’60s. Here’s how it worked in those days: the most hopeless cases, the ones the medical doctors couldn’t get their heads around, ended up in Keppe’s office for a little of his innovative psychoanlytical technique. And many times, walked out healthy. From alergies to heart problems to gastrointestinal difficulties to terminal diseases, he kind of worked magic on them. His results continued at his own private clinic – and continue to this day – offering a revolution in treating any type of disease.

And the core of his work is this: illness is an aberration. It’s a sign that we are doing something to distort or negate our true and healthy nature. And that blockage can be identified and treated, restoring the natural health that underpins all of life.

Where Freud got lost in the pessimism of seeing us as having this pathological unconscious full of bad intentions and animal instincts – and proposing that this was natural and unavoidable – Keppe restores hope by seeing us as naturally good and healthy beings in essence … but with many inverted attitudes against that sanity. Attitudes that can be treated and controlled. There is a deeply spiritual aspect fo Keppe’s work, then, that focusses the discussion of why we – and our society – are so sick, on the human psychological life. And that’s something his work throws mega spotlights on. Keppe understands the human psyche better than anyone in history since Jesus – and we have much to gain by turning to his wisdom.

By the way, we’ll be exploring the implications and impact of his work in many areas of human activity at our World Conference of Analytical Trilogy this coming September, 2008 in San Diego. Check it out at

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Today, psychoanalyst Leo Lima, who’s worked closely with Keppe for 25 years, takes us on a journey to the origins of illness.

Click here to listen to this episode.

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One thought on “The True Origin of Illness

  1. Hi Rich

    I just listened to your podcast with Dr. Lima. Fascinating once again.

    All the best Rich

    Love Dennis

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