Humanity’s Core Problem Explained

Some say it comes from our social inequality. Others that greed and the lust for power are behind it. Still others say it’s just our nature. We’re too soon out of the jungle.

But these are unsatisfactory to those working to solve the question, “Why is human society in such terrible shape?” Now, here in Brazil, one scientist has managed some final answers.

Today on Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head, Humanity’s Core Problem Explained.

Norberto Keppe‘s science is called psycho-socio-pathology, and it’s the result of more than 50 years of clinical research into what makes the human being tick. I’m pretty impressed with it because it provides some definitive conclusions about what’s going on in the human psyche, and how those murky bits are manifesting in the collective society as well.

We’ll be providing a great look at Keppe’s science at our 19th International Congress of Analytical Trilogy, July 4 – 6, 2008 here in Brazil. A State of the Union address, if you will, on the definitive conclusions about the human psyche and how we can treat it and the inverted social structures that are born out of it. Just write me for more information on that …

You know, after the initial discoveries of Freud, Klein, Jung and others, the science of psychology lost its way in the behaviorism of Skinner (which saw human beings as nothing more than pigeons who needed a good behavioral re-programming), and the more social therapies of Rogers and Karen Horney.

We could consider that, before Keppe, the study of the human psyche had come to a dead-end. After a promising start by Freud and the early Germans, psychology got distracted by a number of more superficial treatments like behaviorism and the various humanistic talk therapies so popular in the U.S. today. Or got lost in the Siberia of psychotropic drugs that is modern psychiatry.

Most of the world lives under the illusion that the human psyche, like the human genome, is still being mapped. This is not true. Norberto Keppe has completed the study of the human psyche in a substantial way. That’s what we´re going to talk about today, with Dr. Claudia Pacheco, vice-president of Keppe’s International Society of Analytical Trilogy.

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